Natural feel, natural fit: Natural Motion.The idea of barefoot running, to many people, makes alot of sense: it allows the foot to behave the way nature intended. The foot obviously needs protecting though, as the ground beneath us is oftenhard, abrasive and littered with sharp edges! That's where Anatom's Natural Motion Superlite comes in. Support, cushioning and protectionwhere it's needed, but minimally structured to allow the foot to move without constraint.Most footwear is taller at the heel than at the ball of the foot (a heightdifference known as the 'drop' of the shoe), but obviously this is not the case for a foot! Moving directly from conventional shoes to the zero-drop of barefoot running can feel like a bit of a shock, which is why Anatom - with all their years of experience of understanding how feet work both biomechanically and physiologically - have given the Natural Motion Superlight a variable drop. Remove the insole to change the internal characteristics of the shoe, fine-tuning the drop to a level that's perfect for you.Barefoot running can be a great experience but, as with any new sport you try, it can take a bit of getting used to! For more information on the barefoot running style, including important hints and tips on how to get started, click here.